All moving companies are required to carry cargo insurance.  Please be aware that this is different than furniture liability!

When comparing local quotes, having the proper amount of men for your move is very important.  Many people think that 2 men are adequate to move your home.  Unless it is a small move, you might want to add additional men.  You might pay a higher hourly rate, but will save in the long run with only being billed a fraction of the hours.  Having more men will also eliminate the fatigue of the movers to ensure that all items are handled as they should be.

Furniture Warranty

Industry standard for furniture warranty is 60 cents/lb.

In order to fully protect your furniture or items, Full Value Protection is needed.  Must be written out on the service agreement!

Ask potential movers what their process is for damaged items.  There must be a policy on intrastate (also local) and interstate moves.

Everything you need to know about the rules of moving, you can find at:  American Moving and Storage Association

Moving Knowledge

Verification of Movers

For any moves within the State of Louisiana, make sure they give you their Louisiana Public Service Commission number (Our is LPSC# 7491).

For any moves outside of the State of Louisiana, make sure they give you their US DOT number. (United Van Lines is US DOT# 077949).


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