When you don’t have the time, experience or materials to pack your own items, Acadiana Movers has a highly skilled team of movers and packers that can ease the burden of moving on you and your family.  Our team is professional and knowledgeable to ensure that your items remain intact during the moving process. Our pricing is simple and easy, we charge by the box, including labor and material!  If you are wanting to save some money and pack most items yourself, let us come pack just the fragile items.  This will take the burden off of you and ensure that your valuables will arrive in a safe fashion.

  • Competitive pricing, exceptional value 

  • Trained & experienced moving crew 

  • On time pick up & delivery  

  • Home & furniture protection  

  • Professional packing & unpacking services  

  • Short & long term storage



Do it Yourself Packing

Acadiana Movers Packing Services

Preparation of Items

The most important thing to remember when packing is to start early.  This will help you stay organized and eliminate burn out from the transition.

Items except for furniture should be boxed up.  If you have large items (floor lamps, large decretive pieces, etc), please discuss with movers that there will be special care items in advance.

If you are moving any items that are greater than the average dollar value of a piece (antiques, etc), please advise your mover in advance.

When placing your items in storage, we recommend you keep all items blanketed.  It is a good idea to either rent or purchase approved moving blankets to protect your furniture.  If not blanketed, you risk chipping or scratching of your items when stacked in storage (Movers do not service any attic spaces).

Valuable items (i.e. jewelry and important papers) should be packed together.  It is preferable to move these items in your personal vehicle.

Moving a computer, back up important information on a separate device to ensure that you do not loose valuable information

Self Packing

When you begin packing, pack the least used room first.  This will minimize the impact the move will have on your daily life.

Have plenty of supplies on hand (i.e. boxes, tape, box fillers, and permanent markers).  You will find that the small cost of proper supplies will make packing easier.

Label the box with the room in which the contents belong.  This will make unloading easier.  It is important to mark “fragile” on the box if it contains delicate items.  This will alert whoever is moving it to take extra care.

Packing heavier items on the bottom of the box and lighter items on top allows the box to maintain its integrity.  It also helps minimize the risk of damaged items.

Make sure all boxes are fully packed.  This will add strength to it and decrease the number of boxes needed for the move.  Be careful not to pack the box so full you can’t close it.

Disconnect all electronic items.  If possible, pack them in the original packaging to ensure proper protection.

When packing loose items, including pictures and decorative pieces, choose boxes appropriate in size.  Include filler to help avoid any accidental damage during the move.  Newspaper and other ads can be used as filler when packing.

Flat screen TV’s, pictures, and mirrors need to be either in original box or packaged/crated.

Preparing the Kitchen

Refrigerators and freezers must be emptied and disconnected (water lines) prior to the move.  Ensure that they are defrosted and dry.

Try to consume all the food in your home prior to the move.  This will eliminate extra packing and avoid special care items.

Try to minimize the number of liquid items being moved.  Put all items in self sealed containers to prevent possible leakage.

Moving a microwave, remove the glass tray and pack it separately.

Moving a gas operated appliance, have a professional gas technician shut off and disconnect all gas lines prior to the move.

If moving a freezer, refrigerator, or washer/dryer, have the water/electrical lines disconnected, defrosted, and drained of any ice or water.